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Encourage inter-Korean relations"..."Report appropriate timi…

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China announced that it would fully suspend hostilities between the two Koreas and express its active support for improving inter-Korean relations as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has increased his chances of visiting Seoul within this year.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukan said in a weekly news briefing on Monday that the bilateral activities between the two Koreas have clearly increased and the inter-Korean relations have been restored this year. "We have made another 토토사이트추천 progress in inter-Korean relations in the last two weeks," Lu said.

"The development of inter-Korean relations also helps the process of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and the political solution to the Korean Peninsula," he added.

Asked by Yonhap News Agency whether Chinese President Xi Jinping could visit North Korea soon, Lu said, "North Korea has continued to respond to China's close neighbor, the two parties in the Middle and North, to the appropriate timing."

"There are rumors that Xi's visit to North Korea will take place soon," a source said. "The previous example shows that there will be an official announcement before the visit because the Chinese government announced it a week ago." 

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