Kyodo "The Government has reviewed the exceptional permission to enter the country at the end of this month"

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Kyodo "The Government has reviewed the exceptional permission to …

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Kim Il-guk, the sports minister of the Republic of Korea, sends his intention to attend the Olympic Games.

메이저사이트  North Korea-Japan Summit to solve the abduction issue"Being for the appeasement position" 

Kyodo News reported on Sunday that the Japanese government is considering allowing Kim Il-guk's physical education minister, who heads the North's Olympic Committee.

"The Japanese government is considering Kim's attendance at the Olympic Games held in Tokyo from April 28 to 29," the news agency quoted multiple Japanese government officials as saying. 

It is expected to be unusual if Japan finally allows high-ranking government officials to enter the country while it prohibits North Korean citizens from entering the country with its own sanctions. 

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has repeatedly expressed his will to the North Korea-Japan summit, saying, "We must resolve the kidnapping of Japanese by North Korea." 

"Japan has continued to move under the surface through intelligence channels, but no progress has been made," the news agency analyzed.

The news agency reported that the Olympic Games meeting in Tokyo at the end of this month is a general meeting of the National Olympic Committee (ANOC) and that Kim already conveyed his intention to attend to Japanese officials.

"The Japanese government has decided that if North Korea participates in the meeting for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it can gain an understanding of public opinion regarding permission to enter the country," the news agency said. 

About 1,300 people, including IOC President Thomas Bach and National Olympic Committee officials, will attend the ANOC general assembly. 

The news agency quoted a source in North Korea as saying, "Kim was present at a meeting with Kim Jong Un in March when he visited Pyongyang."

The news agency added that during the meeting, North Korea said it would "enjoy" the Tokyo Olympics and Kim supported it. 

The Japanese government has allowed athletes in sports such as men's and women's soccer to enter the country. 

In February 2017, Jang Woong, a member of the IOC, accompanied North Korea at the Sapporo Winter Asian Games. 


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