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Kim Jong Un, who attended the performance of the art troupe, said, �…

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said, "North Korea's friendship with North Korea, which has overcome all the ups and downs of history, will grow further and I am confident of its bright prospects."
North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Thursday that Kim emphasized this after watching a joint performance of North Korean artists at Mansudae Art Theater in Pyongyang.

Kim also said, "To bring great joy to our people, we have sent renowned Chinese artists to Pyongyang to stage such an ecstatic performance, and we thank the late Dong-A Ilbo for its deep interest.

"The Chinese artist's visit to Pyongyang is expected to be a significant opportunity for the Chinese delegation to advance Cho in a more energetic manner," the news agency said.

The joint performance of the North Korean art troupe was attended by Vice Chairman Choe Ryong Hae and Ri Su Yong, First Vice President Kim Yo Jong of the Workers' Party and Culture Minister Park Chun-nam.

The Chinese delegation included Luo Su-gang, the head of the Chinese art delegation, Wang Ya-jun, Vice Foreign Minister Li Yan, Vice Foreign Minister and Chinese Ambassador to North Korea Li Jin-jun.

The Chinese artists' delegation, which consists of singers, actors and actresses, has been visiting North Korea since July 2 at the invitation of the North Korean Culture Ministry. A welcoming banquet and a concert by the Samjiyeon Orchestra were held for the Chinese art people's delegation on Wednesday. 

The Chinese art group visited North Korea in April to celebrate the 106th birthday of Kim Il Sung. At that time, Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Song Thao met with Kim Jong Il and Ri Sol Ju, Vice Chairman Choi Ryong Hae, Vice Chairman of the Workers' Party, and First Vice Chairman Kim Yeo-jung of the Workers' Party. 

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